Invisible Practice with our presenting festival partner Ten Days on the Island premiered Babel in Hobart in March for the 2017 Ten Days on the Island.

The development of Babel was supported by The Regional Arts Fund, Tasmanian Regional Arts, the Major Festivals Initiative, Tasmania Performs, the City of Hobart,  Salamanca Arts Centre and Arts Tasmania.


Our FAQs were to answer any questions members of the community may have had about participating in Babel.


What is Babel?
Babel is a site-based, durational soundwork to be performed live in many of the 50 languages spoken in Hobart by members of the community for whom English is not their first language. Babel is being developed by Invisible Practice and Ten Days on the Island for Ten Days on the Island in March 2017.

Who is Invisible Practice?
Glen Murray, Artistic Director of Invisible Practice has over ten years’ experience in producing exceptional contemporary performance experiences that feature members of the community locally, nationally and internationally.

What is Ten Days on the Island?
Ten Days on the Island is Tasmania’s biennial international arts festival. Ten Days on the Island presents the best of international, national and local theatre, dance, music and visual arts in cities, towns and communities across Tasmania. See more about Ten Days on the Island here.

If I’m interested in participating in Babel what will happen?
You’ll work with the Babel creative team – Glen Murray director, Heath Brown composer, and Jason James lighting and sound designer – on an exciting project about the incredible diversity and beauty of language for public performance in Ten Days on the Island March 2017.

What will my commitment be?
The Babel project meets to workshop ideas and rehearse with the creative team for approximately two hours once a fortnight.

Do I have to attend every workshop?
No, it’s not essential that you attend every workshop. We understand that people have family, work, travel and social commitments. We will though need to increase our time commitment as we get closer to the performances of Babel in March 2017.

Where do we meet?
We meet at Mathers House, Brisbane St Hobart. Mathers House is located between the State Library of Tasmania and The Playhouse.

What day and time?
We meet on Thursday evenings from 6.30pm to approximately 8.00pm.

What do I need to bring?
Nothing! But an open mind, generosity of spirit and a sense of humour are greatly appreciated!

Do I need to memorise anything?
No, Babel is both a structured and improvised spoken sound work. It’s up to each individual how you would like to approach the work. Some cast members have a poem that they can refer to or a particular story they want to tell if they get stuck for something to talk about.

What do I have to say or be talking about?
What you talk about is entirely up to you. The creative team and the other cast members will help you with this but ultimately it is entirely up to you. One of the concepts supporting Babel is that at any one time no two people in the performance environment will be able to understand each other. This is to give audiences an idea of what it is like to not be understood or be able to understand but also more importantly the opportunity to focus on the beauty of language without the need for literal translation.

Will it cost me anything to participate?
Participating won’t cost you anything. All costs associated with producing Babel will be covered by Invisible Practice and Ten Days on the Island.

Will I be paid?
No, not really. Babel is a ticketed event during Ten Days on the Island. Once all costs associated with producing the event are covered any surplus will then be equally distributed amongst participants in a profit-share manner.

So what will I get out of participating?
You’ll have a great time, meet new people and potentially discover things about yourself you never knew before! Basically though, you’ll have the opportunity to share your language and your story with members of the community in a high-profile festival performance.

I’ve never been in a Festival before. What will happen?
As a member of the Babel project you will receive a Ten Days on the Island Festival Artist Pass. This will entitle you to discounted ticket prices to other Festival events as well as invitations to various Festival social events. Participating in a festival is a fantastic way to experience anew the city you live in.

How do I find out more?
If you are interested in finding out more about how you can add your voice to Babel email