Invisible Practice announces 2016/2017 program.

Invisible Practice thanks all of our collaborating artists, the Invisible Practice Advisory Committee, Tas Performs, our supporting and presenting partners and associated agencies who are working with us to realise our 2016/2017 program. It simple wouldn’t be as much fun without you!


The Invisible Practice 2016/2017 program includes:

Babel, our major2016/2017 project, is a site-specific durational sonic work performed live in 33 unique languages. Invisible Practice is partnering with Ten Days on the Island and Festival of Voices to present Babel, a work evoking contemplation and conversation about language and the human condition.

Invisible Practice Artistic Director Glen Murray, composer Heath Brown and sound and lighting designer Jason James will collaborate with participating members of the community* to compose and choreograph their voices in a compelling aural and visual experience.

*If you would like to find out more about how you can add your voice to Babel email for details.


In 2016 Invisible Practice will also be producing:

Out Back
Out Back is a short film being made in collaboration with Nicole Robson featuring Penny Carey Wells.

Brittle is a solo work for Glen Murray featuring design by Nicole Robson and soundscape by Heath Brown. Brittle will premiere in September 2016 for Mature Moves as part of Salamanca Moves.