It’s pozible.

Due to the generous support of 43 Australians and Austrians I am able to return to Austria to work with the Body Focus Group in the lead up to and during the Burgenlandische Tanztage 8-10 May.

Many lessons were learnt during my time in Austria in March. And what is now a very obvious lesson is that any future commission scheduling must include my being present for production. It became palpably apparent towards the end of my time working with the Body Focus Group just how important it was to them that I be present with them for the performance of A-K, L-Z: that we finished together what we had begun.

I would like to acknowledge the members of WaW Dance in Brisbane for their significant contribution to the recent Pozible campaign. It was their contribution that meant the campaign was successful, meaning that I would be able to return to Austria to complete the A-K, L-Z project. I am so happy to know that they continue to enjoy their engagement with dance and congratulate the wonderful dance artists who lead WaW Dance: Wendy McPhee and Wendy Wallace.