One side of the street to the other

Here I am at the end of March waiting for the bus to take me to Vienna and from there, eventually home. I stand directly across the street from where I arrived from Vienna at the beginning of March. Such a little street, but what a journey it has been to cross from that side of the street to this.

Challenge, diversity, language, passion for the communicative power of dance. Laughter, great affection, frustration, technique, new ideas, tenderness, tiredness, soreness, tears and creativity. Confusion, shyness, learning, trust, success, joy, happiness and achievement. Sharing, striving, emotions, translation and contemplation.

And A-K, L-Z.

So long Pinkafeld. You welcomed me with an open heart, shared everything you have with me and through your generosity, curiosity and passion for life taught me so much.