Burgenlandische Tanztage 2015

Here is the link to the program of the Burgelandische Tanztage featuring A-K, L-Z on pages 14 & 15. The graphic designer in Vienna has given me two Ns in Glen occasionally but this is being corrected. I just wanted to share this with you as soon as it was available.


This experience has certainly been a challenge for me but I can honestly say that A-K, L-Z will be exquisitely beautiful. The primary challenge for me has been that, in my opinion, my strength is in the creation often with collaborating visual artists, of a highly conceptual and visual performance environment of which choreography is a contributing element. That of course has not been the case here. This work has been dependent entirely on choreography.

Last night in rehearsal I witnessed Liz King, Artistic Director of Dance Identity go into ballet-mistress mode. Wow! Liz has for the past several weeks been participating in the rehearsals to gain an understanding of my idiosyncratic movement vocabulary, motivation and aesthetics. Last night she started to communicate to the dancers in German all of the information she has embodied and it was phenomenal to see the transformation in the dancers. I was aware that considering the subtleties of language we have been doing a good job but it was beautiful to see the dancers respond to this information communicated in their own language. Liz will continue to rehearse A-K, L-Z during my absence and hopeful return to Austria for the festival in May.