Could I have learnt what I have learnt without coming to Austria? I don’t think so. I think it has been necessary, certainly beneficial, for me to be tested in an international context at this point in my career.

I have seen beautiful things here in Pinkafeld and surrounds, Graz and Vienna. I’ve enjoyed hospitality and generosity. I’ve enjoyed diverse and wide-ranging conversations and I have had the very rare and precious gift of time to think and contemplate removed from the demands of my everyday existence in Tasmania.

What has been a wonderful aspect of this time working with the Body Focus Group is the total immersion over a month in a creative space and process. Again, due to the demands of my existence in Tasmania this is not something I have had the opportunity to enjoy for many years – in fact, most likely – since retiring from Sydney Dance Company in 1995.

And how fortunate is an artist to have members of the community eager to come to rehearsal after a long day at work, on the road or fulfilling their familial commitments.

Inspiration I think is sometimes undervalued – how do you quantify inspiration? Inspired though I am. Inspired to see to completion the works that I have still in my head. New ideas for works inspired directly by my time here in Austria. And inspired to return to performing, exploring my existence, my experience creatively.