Learning 101

This opportunity was always going to be about learning and that is exactly what I am experiencing. I’m learning about my process, I’m learning about structure, cultural and linguistic similarities and subtle differences – and of course – I am learning about myself.

Learning I can articulate, learning I can’t quite yet and may not ever be able to successfully articulate and learning that I am currently unconscious of but from previous experience I know will manifest at some time in the future.

I’m so fortunate for the time I have here in Pinkafeld to be immersed in the creative process. The generosity of Artistic Director Liz King is endless as are our conversations about creative process, inspiration, culture, fortunate and unfortunate.

The members of the Body Focus Group are willing, generous, funny and complex. To work with older adults in dance is a very special opportunity. I was sent this quote today by one of my Pozible supporters in Sydney. The quote emanates from the Indonesia West Papua conflict but the sentiment I think can be applied globally:

“The whole village has to have dance. It can’t be separated from our lives.”