A-K, L-Z: the beginning

Today I began work with the Body Focus Group on A-K, L-Z. The beginning of a work is always for me the hardest part of the process so I am glad that we achieved something this morning. Some of it is good, very good! – and some of it not so good – but the Body Focus Group have a firm understanding of the creative process and are not becoming too attached to any particular movements at the moment as they know there will be editing.

The studio is a lovely bright space. Elevated. And warm! It is spring here but winter still lingers. I hear it is likely that there will be more snow towards the end of this week.

After rehearsal this morning I took a long walk in the nearby countryside listening to AC/DC Thunderstruck on a loop. It felt odd to be ambling in the Austrian countryside listening to AC/DC but it is the music that we are working with first so I need to listen to it over and over and over and over and over and then over again. I’ve not ever been what you would call an AC/DC fan but this track is perfect for A-K, L-Z.

Today I moved to the Dance Identity residency apartment as the Loose Collective who were also working here last week have vacated. http://theloosecollective.at/

Dance Identity is a platform for choreographic and artist development and has a full calendar of Austrian and international artists working in the studio and staying in this apartment. It’s great to be a part of this program and to have the encouragement and support of Liz and Dance Identity. Pinkafeld is a small village but because of Dance Identity it is firmly on the international dance map and calendar.