Hello Oberwart

Last night Liz and I travelled to Oberwart to attend the Kixx Symphonics concert, a symphony orchestra/rock band collaboration, meeting up with members of The Body Focus Group. The concert was held in the venue that is the main venue of the Burgenlandische Tanztage so it was great to have a chance to see the venue ahead of beginning work on A-K, L-Z with the Body Focus Group on Monday.

The Kixx Symphonics orchestra is made up of professional and amateur musicians from across Europe, including a number of television celebrities. Liszt and Haydn were both from this area and in their honour there are a number of very good music schools in Burgenland and many of the musicians in Kixx Symphonics tutor at these schools. The orchestra is always very popular with 2000 people attending the concert last night. Oberwart has a population of about 7,000 people so many who attended the concert last night travelled from towns and villages across Burgenland as Liz and I did.

The conductor is the partner of Monika, one of the Body Focus Group, who plays flute in the orchestra. I’m really enjoying all of these extra activities that are not only enhancing my experience here in Austria but are helping me to get to know more intimately the people I will be working with for the next three weeks.